Monday, February 1, 2010

Shake it Up...Creatively

A funny thing happens when people think you're creative. They want you to know that they're *not*. They'll say things like, "I wish *I* were creative", or (wistfully) "It would be great to be creative", or the old standard: "I'm not creative".

And to them I say, that's crap. Well, mostly I don't say it to them directly. That kind of shuts down any developing warm fuzzies between us. But I believe we're all creative in different ways. My husband, for example, says he's not creative. But he's the biggest out-of-the-box thinker I know. And the man loves nothing more than being handed a challenge, and solving it. He's a born fixer, and he uses all sorts of creative solutions to do his fixin'. Just because he doesn't create "art", for lack of a better term, doesn't make him uncreative.

I have to admit, I never felt creative myself until I began designing jewelry. And then it was like the ideas couldn't stop coming...sixteen years since I began, and I have never lost my passion for jewelry design. I only want to learn more, and push my skills further all the time. And feeling creative in that arena led me to be open to creativity in other ways. Playing with color, for example. I wasn't always so bold about mixing colors, and now I do it almost without thinking. Starting a business. Writing a blog. Taking more risks. Being less afraid of confrontation, when necessary. Approaching the people I want to get to know, rather than waiting for them to (maybe) approach me. And you know what? I'm happier because of it.

If you don't feel creative, shake up your perspective! Are you a problem solver? Are you innovative in your work, whatever work that may be? Do you relish challenges and find imaginative ways to solve them? Do you ask yourself, "What if...?" Are you willing to try new ideas, avenues, activities? I believe all of these (and more) are indicators of being open to creativity.

Take a class. Try something new. Buy something in an unusual (for you) color...for your home or your wardrobe. Do something that feels like a risk to you. Let yourself be open to possibilities you may have overlooked before. You never know where a creative path will lead you...