Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Earrings...a Whole New World

My first pair of earrings was completed - and sold - last week. A pair of gorgeous Peruvian opals, I set them simply:

in a "rimless" bezel and a minimal twisted wire circle embellishment on top. Rimless means of course that there is no rim - the back plate and the bezel meet each other exactly with no overlap. Going rimless was a new process for me, but I rather liked it and this week I'm working on a couple of other rimless pieces. It makes sense for earrings as it's necessary to keep the weight down,  and they hang differently than pendants.

I love the color in these stones - such a gorgeous ocean blue shading into deep green at the bottom. And of course I had to texture the back:

with my new hammer.  Can you tell that I'm having fun??  :)

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