Monday, December 17, 2012

Be The Light

I had a very different blog post planned for this morning, but after last Friday's school shooting it just didn't seem appropriate...

I found myself angry, appalled, and withdrawn this weekend, as the horror of what happened in Connecticut settled in. I feel for those families who have lost so much for no good reason, whose future holiday seasons will always hold more than a tinge of sadness. It's way, way too early, but I hope that someday they can find a measure of peace in their hearts and lives.

I was at a trunk show on Saturday, the last event of my working year, and I found it hard not to feel somewhat ridiculous:  my jewelry does nothing to prevent this kind of anguish. It cannot help in times of crisis. It does nothing to make the world better: it merely adorns. It felt frivolous and callous to be selling my creations that day. But I found some comfort in the quote above, and I thank all of the customers who came in and supported your local arts in Dunwoody. It meant (and means) a great deal to all of us who make our living with our art.

I hope to be stepping forward next year in many different ways, and that's primarily due to all of you lovely people who purchase my designs, root for me, check up on me, ask all those lovely questions about the work, wish good things for me, and support me and this crazy business in so many ways since 2003. Next year will mark ten years in business and there's still nothing else I'd rather be doing. Heartfelt thanks to every one of you!! As this year winds down and the new one approaches, please hug your loved ones a little closer. Be gentle with them. Share with them. Light your candles, take them out into the world and make your difference...because you do make a difference. Big or small, we *all* make a difference.

Balance pendant

Be good to yourselves, while you're at it. We've all had a hard few years and we need some time to breathe. To rest. To balance...don't forget to be the light for yourself, too. 

Happy - and safe - holidays!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this quote, Jill. It's the reminder I needed, too.