Friday, January 9, 2015

Back Glancing, Forward Looking

The last three years have seen a huge transformation, both personally and professionally. I've grown, shed some things that weren't working, am in the process of shedding more, opened myself up to a world I didn't even realize I existed (and it has been more rewarding in ways I could never have imagined), stretched, risked, gambled, stumbled, cried, lost, fallen...and gained...and loved and been loved so very greatly I can hardly believe it.

What a whirlwind! It culminated in the last two months of 2014 being utterly exhausting, finding myself stretched as thin in some ways as I ever have been, barely able to rally by the end of the year, eventually giving in to illness, physical pain, frustration.

But this year...I'm not sure why, but 2015 feels like hope, to me. The pain isn't gone, the struggles still exist, but there has been a fundamental shift slowly building over all this time, and it's coalescing in so many ways. I feel clearer, cleaner, stronger, more determined and ready to move forward than I have in a long time. Soaking in life and lessons like a thirsty sponge, planning, thinking, deciding...choosing paths and setting strategies.

One of 2014's trials-and-errors that worked...Peruvian opal earring fancies. :) 

It's been about six weeks since I've laid my hands on any metal, lit the torch, set any gorgeous gems. That's a long time for me...and yet, it's been necessary. Jewelry fabrication is physically hard on the body. And sometimes it's hard on the mind. And last year I ran, and ran...from one event to another, feeling overwhelmed even before the year began, tired, drained, wanting to do so much, and in reality, able to achieve so little.

A personal favorite from last year. Royston turquoise and amazonite.

And though I can't predict, or control, what will happen with my own physical abilities this year, I am restructuring things a bit to hopefully compensate for my limitations, allowing for a creative atmosphere and a lot of forward movement, an open doorway through which so many lovely treasures will come into being and much happiness will be shared.

I wonder how these will develop...interconnected pieces? Scattered gems? Time in the studio will tell... 

I hope you all have a very marvelous 2015, that you climb, and stretch, and move forward in your own ways, by leaps and bounds and that you thrive. That you resonate with happiness and fulfillment. I suspect you seems like that kind of year. :)

Be well!


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