Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rolling With It

This week has been SO up and down for me. I had some great productive days, and some craziness just recently. Yesterday I went to jewelry fabrication class at the Spruill Center, and soldered some gallery wire and a bezel cup to a wide band ring. It went well, in fact, that I left class early as that was our whole session: demo by the teacher and then we got the ring to the step of having all the bits soldered together. Cleanup and stone setting aren't until next Friday. So I left early...which I've kind of been doing in classes for a while.

I feel a bit bad, but the instructor knows me well and says she doesn't mind. And it was good that I left, because I had a long day of errands on my plate anyway: trip to the jewelry supply to spend a small fortune on supplies, trip to the Merchandise Mart to spend *more* money on *more* supplies, and a trip to get the oil changed on the car (which ended up being over $100 because it needed additional services...and I didn't even get all the services done because I am waiting to do the more expensive services next month after the big Michigan festival). Also the car needs tires's starting to feel quite tight again.

So I got home around 4 pm yesterday and did some work. But it's a bad idea (for me, at least) to start work late in the day when I'm tired, hot, and stressing about finances. Work did not go well. So I went outside to read and it was just too, too hot. How can anyone enjoy the summer when it's so freakin' hot outside? You can't DO my husband and I went to dinner and a movie. And I got food poisoning.

Apparently yesterday the Universe just was not on my side. ~wry smile~

However, today's a new day (though I slept in after the food poisoning issues and now the day feels late) I'll show you some good fun from earlier in the week.  :)

The Dare Boldness necklace. So named because it's got a VERY green chrysoprase as its center stone Not a shade for the color-sensitive.  :)


The Underbrush earrings. Sweet ocean jaspers with unusual coloring, making me think of the cool summer morning underbrush, damp earth, and some sort of respite from the summer heat.

Both are currently listed on my web site  and on Etsy if you'd like further details.  :)

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