Saturday, July 14, 2012


I just found out that I have been accepted into my third art festival for the month of October. This all by itself would be cause for celebration. And I am's what the fall schedule is looking like:

September- festival Labor Day Weekewnd. Weekend off. Festival mid-September. Weekend off...which includes traveling to Paris, France (I PROMISE I'm not complaining!) because my husband has to go there for work (poor guy). Which means I won't get home until the 29th. That knocks out September.

October - Festival the first weekend. Festival (out of town, which means travel time, of course) the second weekend. Festival (the one I just found out about) the third weekend. Wait listed for a festival on the last weekend.

November - Festival (not guaranteed, but likely) the first weekend.  Three weeks off and then travel for a festival (not guaranteed, but likely) the first weekend of December.

And what has to happen in the mean time is making, making, making. I am a bit concerned about how I will handle the production. I'm still designing s-l-o-w-l-y...I guess I'd better pull it together and hit the ground running!

I'm getting ready to leave Monday for a 4 day festival, which really means seven day (it's a 12 hour drive), set up day, four days of festival, travel day. Whew. And then we turn around and head to Arizona in early's a trip I'm torn about. I want to see my father but I really could use a month of down time / design time...but the airfare is free (long story) and I won't be back to Arizona to work / see the folks until December (assuming I get back into the festival then).

Just thinking about it all makes me tired...but this is the upside and the downside of my life as an artist. Festivals are great - I love the customers, I love the crowds, I love sharing my jewelry with the world. But the prep work is enormous and they can be very physically and mentally draining.

However...I'm in it now! So I'll sign off and get to work. I try not to work weekends (unless it's a festival weekend) but I've been under the gun for this upcoming show and that means this weekend is a working one.

I'll leave you with a happy shot of some bezeled goodies waiting on the work table:

Top row, left to right: red creek jasper, peruvian opal, turquoise. Middle: biggs jasper. Bottom: mookaite.

They won't be finished for the Ann Arbor festival, but they'll be ready to go when I get home.  :)