Friday, August 3, 2012

Creative Minds Never Quit

I'm heading to Asheville today to help a friend with a festival this weekend (though today is all girl-time and playing). But it's been such a great week that I wanted to leave you with a little food for thought.  :)

I saw this recently on Seth Godin's blog:

source: here

The photo is terrible but it's all I've got. It's a shot of a handmade kayak. And the plywood it's made from doesn't come in long enough lengths to use just one sheet. So the designer, Nick Schade, made a feature out of the fact that he had to use two pieces of plywood. How brilliant is that??

It made me think of how we jewelers do a lot of clean up work to cover up all our metal joins / joints. What if there was some way to make a feature out of them? How would that change the way we design?

I love this example of creative problem-solving.  :)

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