Saturday, January 5, 2013


is my Achilles' heel.

Until this week, I haven't touched my Etsy supply store, bpsupply, in months. Pretty much since I set it up in September, before I was inundated with festivals and everything else that seems to ramp up in the fall. And what was so nice about that? Sales kept trickling in...not a ton, but enough to make me pleased and happy, especially since I'd all but ignored the store for several months.

Side note: why do I have an Etsy supply store? Because I am a hoarder of beads. And that mischief has been going on for many, many years. And now I'm not even using them...they're tucked away in little plastic bags, in little plastic drawers. It's time to let some things go. Beads out, cabochons in...there is a method somewhere in all this, y'know.

Of course, now that I've got more time on my hands, I've been actively working (for the last two whole days, mind you!) on the store like crazy. Photos. Photo editing. Listings. Descriptions. Measurements. Dry, dull, unexciting stuff...and of course right now I feel like NO ONE is paying it a bit of attention. Not one tiny bit.

So what happens? I feel frustrated, ignored, and bad about myself. I must not have what people want. Or I'm not offering what I have at the right prices. Or I'm just not smart enough to figure out what's going on. Or I just don't deserve any success...see where this path leads?  All. The. Damn. Time. The Hack Voice is coming through loud and clear.

It's the unending battle - and this isn't even a product I make, but instead something I have no personal investment in.  :)

But I think I know what the problem (or at least, part of the problem) is: I've been doing all that dry stuff, without any creative efforts to balance it. What did I talk about previously? The best antidote is to make stuff. It's my own personal therapy! I did try, earlier in the week, but it went so horribly that I had to give up before I got really agitated. And I haven't been back at the work table since...but guess what I'll be doing on Monday?

I'm ready for big changes this year and a get started.  :)

1/10/13 update: Three sales so far this week in the shop. I guess people *are* paying attention. Thank you!!  


  1. My dear, I adore your blog! I keep wanting to leave a comment..SO relate!

  2. LOL it's mutual. Yours is one of my favorites. :)