Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ups and Downs in the Studio

Oh, 2013. You and I are not friends yet!  It's only 18 days into the new year and it's already been a roller coaster in so many ways.

As I mentioned in my last post, my father died on the 13th. And even though he'd had cancer for over thirteen years, you're never quite ready to get the actual call. So it's been a tough week. And there are other things going on, other personal things, that I may (or may not) talk about in a future post. I want to share the metalsmithing journey on this blog, but it's hard to not include the things that affect the metalsmith herself. And I don't like getting too personal here because who wants to read that kind of stuff? Pfft.

Anyhoo, I've had the studio in a bit of an uproar for some time (okay, it was in a big mess for some time), and now it's in a whirlwind of cleaning and organizing. I've been sketching out some new designs, but haven't felt the urge to pick up the torch this week. At least not until this afternoon, and then it was probably too late to get started on something major. So I tackled paperwork and cleanup:

Paperwork to be sorted (after the really big stack was sorted). This is the pile of "needs to be handled ASAP".

All this is on the FLOOR in front of the bead table. It gets a little hard to maneuver around the studio with floor piles.

But wait!

MORE floor piles. Those black trays with the gray inserts (and the stuff on top of them) are bits of silver, jump rings, beads, wire, clasps, etc. that need to be sorted and put away.

I *am* happy to report that this drawer has been sorted and is now back in the chest of drawers where it belongs.  Progress!

So no jewelry at all this week, except to show you these little bits of happy:

Small textured discs with rubies, available in the Etsy shop

I had some leftover 20 gauge silver but not enough to make something big, so I put these together. Bright little spots of color for a gray wintry month. You knew I couldn't leave you without something.  :)

Tomorrow I am out of the studio celebrating a dear friend's birthday, and that will help move the week on to a brighter note. Check back for some new jewelry photos next week!

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