Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Loving Life

Which I shouldn't be...loving life, I mean. Money's tight. Art festivals are a tough (even tougher) job these days. I'm working hard and can't seem to get caught up on housework, paperwork, staying in touch with loved ones and friends...and yet. I am loving life.

It's been a long journey. How many times have I said that?? Especially here on the blog. But it's been more work (and yet more rewarding) than I ever imagined. A good friend told me years ago, "You have to know the rules in order to know which ones you can break" and it's so true. I really wanted to skip ahead, stick my tongue out at the rules, and be a diva from the get-go. And it wasn't going to happen. Metal Diva...what I said to my husband when my first piece of many solder joins didn't fall was a joke then, and it's still a joke now. Only less so...metalworking is getting easier.  :)

I cam home Monday from a show in Michigan which didn't meet expectations. And normally I would have a few days' pity party. Long drive (11 hours each way), tough show, low ego. And usually I'd be hurting a lot (which I am, my Fibromyalgia doesn't like travel much). But I have so many plans and so many design ideas in my head that I don't want to wallow. I'd rather work through it. So I selected a bunch of stones for my next bezel-ing blitz:

The lighting is poor - it's a quick snap from the work table. But you can see all the turquoise...especially those Roystons, and the tiny chrysocollas, and a little bit of red creek jasper too. I think there are nearly 20 turquoise stones in the mix. And I haven't even gotten started on the Larimar...but one thing at a time.

I've learned that with fabrication and stone setting, my reach far exceeds my grasp. Every time I set a new goal for show inventory, I never get it all finished. So I think I have to cut my expectations in half because there's just too much labor involved and not enough time before the next festival...only this time I've got a bit of a gap. I don't have anything on the horizon except a possible wholesale show in August...and that I'm still debating doing. But if I DO exhibit, I'm looking to wholesale one of a kind pieces. Which means having sample inventory ready and similar pieces that I can remake.

I'm not sure I'm ready - I'm really not sure I have enough stone supplies for that. It's a lot of outlay with no guarantee of income. BUT it might be I'm focusing on that instead of wallowing. And I'm full of ideas. Some may be great, some not so great...but I'm willing to try them all right now. The journey isn't easy but the work is worth it. I'm loving life.  :)

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