Monday, January 4, 2016

No Mud... lotus. So the saying goes. And I've had my share of mud in the last year. Which is okay. I don't mind rolling up the sleeves and getting dirty when necessary. It's that much more satisfying when the growth occurs. But...also, "everything in moderation". And there's the rub.

My life has not been my own (or at least it has not felt like it) for the last few years. It's been driven, crazy, exhausting, demanding...and while it's not been without rewards, I am feeling the need to make some major changes. I love what I do and have no plans to stop doing it...but I am looking to change the shape of things. To run my business instead of feeling like my business is running me. To take even more moments to appreciate, to breathe deeply, to be grateful. even take a vacation at some point. :)

One of the things I miss is this blog. I feel that there's no time to share here anymore. And I'm finding that some of those life changes I want to make are taking the shape of going back to my younger days, when things like reading poetry (and really, reading anything besides Facebook or online articles or industry publications) were a part of my focus. I am also culling my "things" - as I tend to do every year around this time, shedding what no longer works, no longer "fits", and making way for new potentials...or sometimes... being deeply contented with less.

So I thought that I would start sharing poetry and other things that move me, capture my attention, or seem relevant, here on the blog. Doing so will allow me to share the wonderful writings of others, and keep the blog somewhat updated. ;) And of course there will be jewelry too! I have big, big plans for this year and I hope you'll like the fruits of my labors as they are shared here. :)

So here's my first contribution, a Japanese Haiku from a small but beautifully illustrated book of poems (

the lantern blown out ---
the sound of the wind 
through the leaves

- shiki

Brett and I "blew out" last year's lantern in the company of a few good friends, at a quiet gathering in their lovely home. Such a pleasure to be with people who have known you well for years...everything is so easy and comfortable. Just what was needed after a rather tumultuous year. 

Here's to a wonderfully happy 2016 for everyone! I hope it's filled with joy. I wish you all the best.


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