Monday, January 18, 2010

Phase 8: Finally!! And the Bonus Room

Phase 8 isn't really a phase...everything is pretty much done now. But we (and by we, of course I mean Brett!) did hang two wire mesh mail sorters. As you can see, they are already getting plenty of use. The one on the left is for me, and the one on the right is for Brett. I put incoming mail / magazines / catalogs etc. in mine, and once I've gone through it, I do the same for Brett's.This is much better than our old system, which often was me ignoring the mail for weeks on end, because it just sat in a big pile. Now I can't have a big pile, so I am forced to go through it regularly!
And the Bonus Room: a quick shot of the attached bathroom. The mail sorters are hanging on the short wall leading to the bath (would be to the right of this photo). It's little, but it manages to cram in a sink, toilet, and full shower (hidden by the curtain on the right), plus storage shelves (not shown). We redid this bath - it was THE most hideous room in the house, and that's saying a lot - November 2008. Now that I'll be using it regularly for draining tumblers and stuff, it might have made sense to have waited. But I really don't mind - I love this bathroom now. My mom and I ran around for several days, shopping for just the right items, while Dad and Brett did the grunt work...and we were all happy in the end. Plus, who can resist the charm of Rosie, my favorite mirror in the whole world? *wink*


  1. Where did you find the shower curtain? I need that fabric ASAP!

  2. Cost Plus / World Market...but that was November 2008. Not sure if they have it now?