Thursday, May 21, 2009


Lately I have been feeling like I can't catch my breath. I'm jumping into wholesale and the shows are taking place during a time when I normally have a lot of space to design, create, clean up the studio, etc. This year I am only a third of the way through the first month and there is waaaaay too much going on. Last fall was frantic, too - selling at retail events through the holidays, along with all the other stuff that goes on in the 4th quarter every year, tends to make a person hustle through every day. I remember people saying "Well, things will be better after the holidays, right?" Usually. But not this year. I don't expect any downtime, really, until after mid-February. And if the BMAC is a good show for me, then I'll be working on filling orders. When do I squeeze in the breathing time?

I've taken on two things for the business this year that have great potential, but are also causing me great stress. And I have a habit of feeling a bit locked in, once I choose a path - as if I absolutely have to follow that path. But last night I had a little reminder that my choices aren't carved in stone. Maybe these two paths, though possibly solid foundations for the future, aren't the *right* foundations for me *right now*. If they are stressing me this much, then I need to step back and look at other choices. Just because I think they are ultimately the best options doesn't mean they are today's best.

So one I will be terminating shortly, and the other...well, the other I really, really want to continue, but moving forward "as is" isn't going to work. So I am going to have to lay down an ultimatum. Either things change, or I'm out. And if I'm out, I can use the time and money in other ways that will possibly be much more beneficial to my business. It's not the end of the world if I try something and it doesn't work the first time around. And you know what? Realizing that I can make these changes has been like lifting a great weight off my chest. I can take a deep breath and start over, in a more achievable direction. It will take longer to get where I want to go, but at least I might survive the getting there.


Original post date: 01/20/09

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