Thursday, May 21, 2009

Let It Go

I just came across a beautiful statement on Scott Ginsberg's blog. (10/30/07 entry)

And though I am already up way too late for the busy day I have tomorrow, I have to share it with you.

That blog entry talks about getting over yourself; how artists / creatives are merely a part of the creative process. We only channel how the art comes into being. What he says is,

"You?re letting what wants to be created create itself."

Isn't that a lovely, and reassuring thought? We can channel, guide, and shape the the creative vision, but ultimately we are bringing into being something that wants to be. And wow! How thrilling, and inspiring, is that??

That sentiment reminds me of another statement I've always loved, from a chat board user:

"Create that which would not exist without you."

I'm paraphrasing it a little, because I can't remember the exact wording, but it doesn't really matter - you get the point. Each of us is such a fabulous individual. There is no one -no one! - exactly like any of us in this world. And what we create is as individual as our DNA. With that perspective, why NOT create with abandon? It's almost imperative, when you think of it that way. *wink*

So all of you who have struggled, or are struggling, with your creativity, and how to balance it with business , and life in general (and you know who you are, because you've talked to me about it!), get creating! Create with abandon, with willful disregard for anything but what comes from your heart and bring it into being. It WANTS to be here. It WOULD NOT be here without you. Don't stifle it, don't ignore it, don't agonize over it. Let it out into the world. And don't let anything - especially not yourself - stop you from doing so.

Original post date: 11/02/07

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