Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday, my husband told me that October 2nd was the first day of fall this year. When I asked him why, he said, "Because I saw the first leaves change in our backyard". Now, you won't find that referenced in any almanac, or discussed on the evening news, but for Brett, that's the clincher. And I figure it's as good as any. *s*

We all have our own private markers of change. Today was *my* first day of fall, because the weather appears to be breaking (finally!). I took time for a walk around our neighborhood, which I haven't done in months, and heard the trees rustling, felt the leaves crunching underfoot, and recognized the winds of change blowing in. For me, fall has always been a time of rebirth.

I know; technically that's spring, but for me fall is the season when I feel renewed, energetic, open to all possibilities. Part of it is probably the weather change - I get *so* tired of the relentless heat of summer, and I love things like sweaters, scarves, and boots - and part of it is probably nostalgia. When I was young, we lived on the east coast, and my birthday (right around Labor Day) always seemed like the time when fall really got started. It was also the time when school started (in those days, we kids didn't go back to school until September), and I always loved going back to school. I loved shopping for school supplies, new lunch boxes, new school outfits. I was always excited to find out whom I'd meet this year, what the teacher would be like, who my new friends would be. And of course, what I'd be learning in my class(es). Yeah, I was (and I guess, still am) a nerd about that kind of stuff. I love to learn, I love having new experiences, and I love fall, because it always seems to bring plenty of both.

And as for the rebirth part? Well, I am a firm believer that if you don't like who you are, or where you're at in your life, you can change it. We have the option to change ourselves and/or our circumstances, right up until the very end of our lives. Sometimes those changes take longer then we'd like, and sometimes those changes lead us on another path that we hadn't intended, but the possibility always exists. And oddly enough, it seems to exist more strongly for me in the fall. It's when I feel the strength to be re-created.

So, what don't you like about yourself, or your life right now? Are you constantly late? Relentlessly disorganized? Trying to juggle too much at once? Are you easily irritated? Shy? Controlling? Stuck in a bad relationship?

Maybe now's the time to start working on improving just one thing.

Re-examine your priorities, de-clutter your life, take time for yourself - do what you need to do to make things better for you and those around you. If you focus on just one thing, and get on top of it, you'll be surprised at how many other things seem to "fall" (pun intended) into place. Welcome change, and when the first day of fall arrives for you *next* year, take stock and be proud of your accomplishments over the year. Then start working on the next rebirth.

Happy Autumn, everyone!

Original post date: 10/04/05

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